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I was born in Durham, England, in 1940 but spent my early years in Scotland while my father was in the Royal Air Force overseas. By age eight I was already into drawing aircraft and the margins of my schoolbooks were liberally decorated with Spitfires and Messerschmitts. I joined the Royal Air Force in 1958 and went on to fly as an Air Electronics Officer in maritime patrol and Vulcan and Victor bomber aircraft. I retired from the RAF in 1978, but after a few months as a civilian I headed out to the Middle East to become an officer in the Sultan of Oman's Air Force. I spent 10 years in Oman as Staff Intelligence Officer , retiring in 1988 as a Lt. Col., then came to the US to work for an electronics company in California. This didn't last long, and from 1990 onwards I have been using the drawing skills acquired since boyhood to develop my own business as an artist and wood craftsman. I specialize in realistically rendered and detailed pencil drawings and prints of all kinds of transport , military and architectural subjects, many of which are also produced as free standing wood block replicas. Since January 2000 I have expanded my line to include detailed prints of US warships which have been warmly welcomed by a legion of retired salts all across the country and overseas.


My studio is in the Santa Cruz mountains above Woodside on the San Francisco peninsula. I welcome weekend visitors to see the shop and my outdoor Kings Mountain Railroad, a radio controlled Gauge 1 model line which winds around the redwoods outside my home. Please send me an e-mail "from my web site" for directions if you are in the neighborhood.